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Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!
Defense Soap
Defense Soap
Our mission is simple; to improve your skin’s health through the power of research, the latest advances in natural remedies, and a dedicated focus on prevention.

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Corey G
Thank you very much for the products!
Millie Golan
My grandson loves your products and so do I. I appreciate your quick response and accuracy when I send in a change in my order. Thank you, ***
Caryn B
Great products, delivered quickly.
Carlos C
Everything arrived without any damage and on time. I do not have any recommendations on any improvements at this moment.
Noah S
Excellent service no complaints just keep doing what you guys do! Thank you
Barbara B
I ordered one bottle of tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint shower gel, and one bar of tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint soap. Searching for an alternative to Cetaphil Antibacterial Cleansing Bars (discontinued because of triclosan), I found Defense products on "***'s site" but chose to order direct from the company because there were reviews saying the bottle leaked in transit, the product seemed to be thinner than previous orders, etc. I recognize the time of year and outside temperature affects product quality - but I have received very poorly packaged boxes from them, too.

[This part is not for public knowledge. Do not include this section in online reviews *or anything*!! I am a person who has had the stomach banding procedure. I also deal with the public in close proximity. I have lost +/- 90 lbs, and have about another 45 to lose - and then can consider surgery to remove excess skin. I panicked when my go-to cleansing bar was discontinued. I tried Dial for a bar and a half. Nasty. I needed something that would keep the large amount of hanging skin and the rest of my body free from the stuff that grows in sweaty areas covered with clothes and prevent the body odor that goes with it. You might consider us an additional market group.]

Back on the record:
I have been using a hand soap with essential oils (tea tree and peppermint, with coconut cleansers) on hands that got so chapped my knuckles would bleed. I started using it on my face - it was amazing! Rarely an unsightly blemish.

I ordered a bottle of shower gel from the other company - I spoke to a representative who confirmed it was one percent essential oils by volume. I couldn't get the tea tree and peppermint in shower gel, but tried another mixture. At the same time I placed my order with you all.

I began with the other company's shower gel. It was thin and I had to use a lot on my scrubbie as it was rinsing off in the shower.

I ordered one of those silicone bath scrubbie that are about the size of my hand (small). I put the Defense shower gel on it, and because the silicone thing covers so much area, I finished a thorough shower more quickly, and used very little product. The silicone thing was great for my feet too. Then I used the bar just this morning. It is not quite as quick, but was nice lather, and seemed a little milder than the gel. I will use both and decide if I will use one or the other or both.

Interestingly, my dog has sensitive itchy skin. I got up at 1am because he was driving me crazy with his itching. I used the other brand - wow!! I have used it twice and it has reduced his itching considerably. My head has been itching, but I figured it was the hair spray I was using. I washed my hair with the other stuff and immediate relief. My head sweats so badly the hairspray drips into my eyes. I don't have to use much - and it was your very informative information on the website that got me thinking about the cause of itching, skin breakdown, and even better, going the natural way to remedy these things.

Thank you for the wealth of information on your site. I knew plain soap and water used properly can do the job anti- bacterial soap would do. The essential oils solve problems us non-wrestlers or MMA folks didn't know we had!

Yes, I would recommend Defense products to others. Ideally, I would like to be able to give a "try me" packet of a travel sized bar of soap (like hotel soap) and a travel sized shower gel (TSA approved). My nephew is a Wildland Firefighter with the US Forest Service. I am sure he and his crew could use something like this.
David L
Always a good experience ordering your products. Shipping is very timely also.
Michael M
Price was great and fast shipping. Would definitely recommend.
Diana K
Defense product is superior to anything I can buy at sprouts or whole foods market
Robert F.

I reached out to the text support asking for help with getting the USPS to deliver my order. Very helpful in trying to reach out on my behalf, even if unsuccessfully.

My package still did not arrive, however I got a very mean text:

“Very poor of you to cancel the charge without notifying us first. Please never order from our company again.”

I never canceled any charge with my bank in the hopes that my package would arrive or I would get a refund.

Not sure what the records your team has, However this is poor customer service to be adversarial and not exactly a great way to build a loyal customer base.

If you all want to talk more, I am open to conversation, but if you truly do not want my business, then I wish you the best of luck.

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