Awarded the eKomi Bronze Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Bronze Seal of Approval!

Interior Deluxe is a leading provider of contemporary lighting + luxury lighting. We offer an extensive selection of more than 12.000 modern light fixtures from top designers, and modern lighting brands that have the ability to transform any home into a space with an enticing atmosphere.

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The customer support l revived from *** was horrible. I reached out to the company and informed them l had contacted UPS about not receiving my package. UPS told me the package was sent to an address that was not mine. I’d given the company my correct address the company mislabeled the package. I have to assume she did no research because l revived a email stating, we sent the package to this address with the images of my correct address. When they finally did their job and found out where they sent my package they actually suggested that l go knock on the door. It felt like l had to take on the burden of their mistake.
The light arrived quickly without a problem. I had several questions about its compatability with US wiring, which were thoroughly answered. The only recommendation that I have to improve service is, have bulbs available for purchase at the same time when they are not provided with the fixture.
Excellent service, and great customer service !!!
We had a great experience ordering our light. Website was easy to use, pricing was competitive and shipping was quick.
I've been shopping at Interior-Deluxe for years now, and they always have the best selection of modern lights to replace all of the ugly in my house (I've been remodeling). From some chandeliers I bought when I first moved in to charming accessories for my nursery, they've always gotten me what I need. Some of their special items are made-to-order from Europe, but customer service has always kept me in the loop, and it's always been worth the wait! On another occasion - We had a great experience ordering beautiful and unique sconces from Interior Deluxe. Not only do they have a fantastic variety of products to choose from, Interior Deluxe communicates with its customers every step of the way. From online chat assistance through the ordering process (including price matching), Interior Deluxe made us feel "safe" in ordering sconces that would be shipped from Germany. We would absolutely shop with Interior Deluxe again.
Excellent service
I have owned an Anthology Quartett Cellula chandelier since 2000 and always loved it. Unfortunately, the wires and cord of this lamp were too short for our new home. Enjoying the Cellula lamp, I decided to purchase one just like it from Interior Deluxe.
The lamp was advertised: "The crystals can be arranged as desired, simply by shifting them from groove to groove along the aluminum rod". That was exactly the case with my previously owned lamp. However, when I tried to hang the newly purchased crystals over the aluminum rod the 12 crystals were uneven in weight, some by as much as 1½ to 2 oz causing them to pull up to the rod on one side.
Starting December 19th, 2018, I made Interior Deluxe, as well as Anthology Quartett aware of this problem and also that one of the strings came with a chipped crystal. I asked them to replace the unevenly balanced and the chipped crystal strings.
Interior Deluxe (Euro Lights & Electric Group, Inc.) replaced the chipped crystal string and mailed an extra one. I am grateful that I received at least two strings of crystals. However, 12 crystal strings were of questionable quality.
Further,.I was instructed by both companies to wrap the crystals around the rod. Doing this prevents me from easily adjusting the crystals and it makes it difficult to remove the strings for cleaning. The look of the lamp would also be a different one.
Many emails were exchanged. I always offered to send back the unbalanced crystals in exchange for balanced one. Repeatedly I was told that I needed to wrap the crystals around the rod. I never needed to do this for my previously owned lamp and nor was it stated in the advertisement of the Cellula chandelier that this was necessary when I purchased the Chandelier from Interior Deluxe.. When I pointed this out to Interior Deluxe their advertisement changed their advertisement on their website to the following: as desired, simply by wrapping them from groove to groove around the aluminum rod” and I was informed that the company had always stated that the crystals needed to be wrapped around the rod. Fortunately, I made a copy of the original advertisement to proof under what conditions I had purchased the chandelier. I would not have bought this expensive lamp if I had been informed that the crystals.
Great Customer Service
Great products and great speedy service.


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