Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

At WestCare you will find a complete range of donning and doffing aids for compression stockings. At WestCare you can always find the dressing aid that suits you best, from enhancing comfort to total independence. All WestCare dressing aids have been developed in-house since 2005 and are often patented. Besides the development and production of smart devices, we also produce private label devices for various international medical companies. WestCare also supports Steve dealers and dealers in more than 25 countries.

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Betty F.
Absolutely the most wonderful method for putting on support hose as well as socks. Could not be happier with the ***. Thank you so much.
Joel A.
Great service, great tool!
I would have appreciated being able to know the price of the item ordered in £ sterling rather than US$
I was very impressed with the quick receipt of the product.
I am very pleased with the product, as it is so much easier to put on my compression hose.
*** was also very helpful when I called in to order "***.
The entire experience, ordering, shipping, and especially product quality exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with the product and it was quick to ship and receive, even coming to the US! Thank you for such a helpful product!
My wife wears compression stocking and we were in need of a new applicator.

Our previous one was an Ezy-As Compression Stocking applicator which broke after a while because of poor structural integrity, a big open area in the back allowing it to break after repeated use due to a thin connecting area at the top.

While searching, I came across the Steve EasyOn Compression Applicator and we watched the video. We both liked what we saw.

So I ordered the Complete package for my wife and we got it in no time at all. Once we received it, I assembled it while my wife checked out the accompanying booklet. Then she tried it out. It took a little getting used to as she has thick legs. The biggest thing was figuring out how far to put the stocking on the applicator before attempting to put it on as different stockings would need to be positioned differently. Her current stocking are 30 - 40 if I recall correctly, so we have to have the back of the heel up to within an eight of an inch from the top of the applicator before she puts it on.

Then because of her ankles, after she gets her foot in, I have to insert a finger along one side and help by pulling the leading edge up as she pulls, about 3 or 4 inches before I remove my finger, so she can finish pulling the rest up be herself.Then she just gets it half way up her leg, removes the device and carefully pulls the rest up and smooths the stocking in no time at all.

It's very quick and easy for her to put her stocking on now where as with the old applicator, she used to have to fuss trying to smooth her stocking out to get rid of all the wrinkles.

My wife has used the ring to try and take her stocking off, but it doesn't seems to work as well for her with her current stockings, so she uses her old method of taking them off.

I'd say that the money spent on this product was well worth it and they should be promoted her in the United States of America.

I'd say that too many products here in the USA are designed to fail or break so customers will purchase more because of the need for the product.
Had trouble finding the product. Was looking at youtube videos on how to put on compression socks and found this product.
Quick response and fast delivery
Peter M.
This personal tool is amazing. I have arthritis in my hips and spine. I can’t bend without pain, but this tool is a marvel thanks so much for providing it. ***
Thomas B.
It is a bit hard to use at first and the written directions are terrible. After I found the videos I was better able to manage it.


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