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TitleMax was the only lender that was gonna give me the loan. The amount that I received was less than what I expected, but at the end it was all right. It was enough to get me out of my situation. The lending processor was great. TitleMax was trying to give me less, but she got me a little more than what they were trying to give me. In the long run, she ended up helping me out. The whole lending process would have taken 30 minutes to be completed, but the DMV on my end was the main hold-up. Other than that, I would recommend TitleMax.
I was referred to TitleMax by a friend who goes with them, then I did a little research on them. I needed a little help, so I looked and decided to go in there. They’re the closest lender to my area. When I called other lenders for a couple of title loans, they wanted a massive amount of history, but TitleMax didn’t ask for that. They were very understanding, especially during that time with what I was going through. They didn’t have to get into all of my personal business and that was what I respected and liked.
The total lending process took 30 to 45 minutes to be completed and it didn't take long. The loan processor was very respectful and understanding. He made my situation a lot easier. He really helped me out, so I left a nice review on their website. It’s amazing that TitleMax has that kind of company for people in need, especially when it’s a sudden emergency.
TitleMax is close by. Also, the repayment was fair as there wasn’t any penalty. After one payment, I could take care of the loan. So, the service was good enough. In their lending process, they hold your title or put a lien on your title for a certain amount of money, and you agree or not agree. It was as easy as it could be for that type of process. The whole process was completed in 30 minutes. During that time, the staff there asked for information and I supplied it. Once they had what they needed, they took care of everything and finished quickly. TitleMax does a good job.
I was researching and TitleMax had a lot of good reviews. So, applied for a car title loan with them. During my application, I sat in there and talked to their rep a bit. She told me what I needed and I had everything, so I went over the computer process then I signed documents. But when I asked for a copy of everything I signed, she said she couldn't give me one. Also, when I was signing the documents and I was reading through them, she asked me a question, took the mouse, and went through the documents. And I wasn't able to read them because I felt like she didn't wanna wait. Other than that, she was honest, answered all my questions well, and polite, generally. Their process was pretty straightforward, too. And with the title loan, I paid off a lot of debt.
I had a buddy who worked at TitleMax years ago and we always thought it was predatory lending stuff. It's funny that I have an image of them like that until I run a small business and say, "Hey, in the right hands, this is a good thing." I learned about it from a guy who was a district manager and I had always remembered it. I got a line of credit on a vehicle and TitleMax's lending process was fantastic. I loved the fact that I dealt with a lady who is the general manager and she was more professional than I expected. She talked a lot about stewardship, without being overtly ***, and the concept of being 'this is a good thing in the right hands'. She was not interested in just taking somebody's title or just getting somebody in and out of her door. It was a "You be careful with this. You do face-to-face." And I was very impressed.
We have a small public speaking business on the side and I've never been interested in doing anything tax-related like a big deal because it is not big enough yet. However, in order to book some of the venue space, working with TitleMax made perfect sense because of our income and outcome. I have four kids who are all in private school with our house and I didn't want to do anything that would affect our future lending decisions. Overall, it's funny that I couldn't be more impressed with TitleMax. I've also got 5 friends who I would recommend it to and could really benefit from them.
I was glad to have gotten a car title loan from TitleMax. Everything went smoothly in the process and it took 20 minutes. It was great. The people also knew what they were doing and I give them an A+.
TitleMax has cheaper interest rates and a great place to go if one finds themselves in need for some cash. A neighbor told me about TitleMax and I did an estimate online. It said on the website that someone would call in 30 minutes but they didn't call. It was confusing 'cause I was waiting around and thinking of going up there the first day. Then, I decided to stop in a couple of days later. Once I was in the Almeda location, the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. The process also did not take very long and they printed a check. Obtaining a car title loan from TitleMax made things a little more peaceful. We were going through a tough time and we didn't have to worry so much. I hope I still have the same feeling at the end of the experience but right now, it was helpful. I'm not one to encourage people to borrow money, but if they have to then I would recommend TitleMax above anyone else.
I looked at the website of TitleMax and I was looking at the reviews. It seemed like it was a very friendly place to go. I got my loan from them and it went very good. The lady was very helpful. She explained everything to me and made everything very simple. It was a very nice place and they were helpful. The process took no more than 30 minutes. I would definitely tell friends to go and give TitleMax a try.
I needed a loan to get my car fixed and when I read the reviews through Google, everybody was satisfied with the process that they went through with TitleMax so I went with them. Getting the loan with them did turn out to be quick and easy. Their rep was pretty nice. She explained everything well. When I called, they just had me bring in the title to the car and made sure I was the registered owner. That was pretty much it. So keep up the good work.
I did the quote online and then I got a call back from TitleMax pretty quick. They directed me to the closest place. The young lady that was in there worked it out for me and took care of everything. She’s very helpful. She helped me throughout the application. She told me exactly how to go to get a title transferred. She even told me I could go and get it cashed for free.I had to go get a title transfer from *** to ***, but other than that the process took about an hour. I would definitely use TitleMax again. It was all around great and I would recommend them. They’re easy to work with if you needed a quick loan.


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