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I've seen TitleMax when driving down the street and it was the first one I encountered. So, I got a car title loan from them which is $*** a month for 36 months. Their process was all right and everything worked out. The young lady helped me out. I gave her my information and next thing you know, I was approved and I signed the papers. But the whole process was completed in 40 minutes and for me, it's a long time.
Other than that, the rep I worked with was informative and she knew the information that she needed to give out. The process on the computer was advancing and she gave a little bit more information on the steps I was going by. Overall, she did a very good job and she was very professional.

Working with TitleMax took stress off at the time, but it added a long-term stress in making sure that I make that payment. I'm making a car payment now and insurance payment. That kinda hurts. I started paying my loan and whatever the amount they gave me was fine with me. It's not like it's a negotiable deal. If I bring down the payment, the principal goes up more plus the interest. So, I gotta work with what I have. Also, I'm a new client and I just walked in. So, I don't have history on making payments, their process, and how it goes.
Someone told me about TitleMax and I knew that they were gonna help me out, so I got a loan from them. They asked for my ID as well as the title to my car then they took pictures of the car to see what kinda condition it was in. The entire process was completed in an hour and a half and it was easy. The rep I worked with was cool and I liked him. It was the same guy that helped the person that sent me up there and he was very professional. He explained everything and told me what would work and where my signatures and stuff was gonna go. Then during his lunch break, he told me about the other lady that was gonna be helping me out on the list, so we had to switch bases. She was helpful, too. All in all, I would tell my friends to go with TitleMax. They’ll help them out if they needed the money or whatever the situation would be for them to go to that place.
Someone told me that TitleMax is very easy to do and in fact, I was in the store for less than 30 minutes. I didn't have to wait long and it was fairly easy to qualify. Originally, the woman told me that I could get $*** out on my truck. But then it was like paying back a little over $*** plus the interest was way over *** and something percent. It’s like $*** a day in interest or finance. I asked them if I could avoid having to pay back $*** over three years’ time if I pay back the $*** early, and they told me yes. Other than that, the experience was good. It helped me with everything as far as wanting to get my bills caught up. I would be recommending TitleMax to friends and family.
When I first walked in at TitleMax, the lady was really cool and helped me out in like five minutes. She was really fast, really knowledgeable and did everything right. She didn’t leave me hanging with anything. I got a title loan on my SUV and in total the process was 10 minutes. The other two people in the office were really cool, too. Everybody was real talkative and have shared a lot of information.
I was in a really bad spot and the money paid a lot of different bills all at the same time. I’m supposed to be getting my disability money on July 3rd, so I was just gonna go in and pay this off because I didn’t borrow that much. The lady knows how disability likes to play with people. So if it takes them another week or so longer, she was gonna have me talk to her and work out something.
TitleMax is a very good place to go get a loan from. I was getting that title loan on my car and I did a little investigation first. The only name that comes up is *** and I know a few people that went through them. The rep told me everything I needed to bring in over the phone so I brought in everything. I needed to bring in my title and income verification. They also required that the vehicle be in a good condition. They asked me, if I sold it, how much I would sell it for. I brought my car and they checked if it's clean. They took pictures of it. The first time I went, they only got me about $*** and I ended up not getting that. But then I went back and they got me more than I tried to get the first one. So it was a very good experience. It took less than a hour. The rep also knew how to make the conversation last, joke and talk about other things that was going on. We had a good conversation and it was very good customer service.
I got a title loan friom TitleMax and it was easy. But I had some questions like, when you get the loan, how much do you have to pay back and all of that? I didn’t quite get that. Other than that, it’s been cool. They didn’t give me any kind of problem lending the money.
I'm familiar with TitleMax and they're the only lender I know of. So, I called them to apply for a title loan. I loved working with them. The ladies were very helpful and they explained everything to me. They were very knowledgeable as well and they knew exactly what they were doing. You could tell that they've done it a hundred times. The process was super easy, too, and it was completed in about 15 minutes. I've been in there a million times now, re-signing and seeking my loan, and they have been nice and patient every time.
There aren't so many title loan companies around this area and TitleMax is the one closest to home, so I went with them. Their process was quick and easy. I just put the application in then they appraised my car and asked me about how much I wanted. The whole thing took 45 minutes to complete and their reps were helpful with any questions that I had. They pretty much made everything make sense while I was there and the car loan they gave me helped because I used the little extra cash to pay for my daughter's birthday.
TitleMax's lending process was easy and we completed everything in two hours max. I just put a new motor in my car and I got the title loan to replace some tires on it as well as to do the rest of what needed to be done to it. But right after I got it fixed fully, the motor started having issues again.
It was super easy to apply for a loan with TitleMax and their process was pretty straightforward. The rep I talked to answered everything I asked and he was really helpful in offering information before I even asked the question.


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