Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

About 1stopbedrooms 1stopbedrooms.com is your online shopping partner that offers you everything home. We are dedicated to finding you the perfect furniture piece at the lowest rates, with one of the world's largest online selections of furniture, home furnishings, décor, and goods, all of which are available online. From experience, we have found out that working directly with the manufacturers of all of our products is a win-win in the long run. This way we are able to cut unnecessary costs to get you the best prices and also provide you with a wide selection of unique furniture pieces that are sure to wow all who visit. When we say that you have a wide selection to choose from, we mean it. Our catalog boasts of thousands and thousands of unique furniture pieces from over 70 well-known manufacturers. We are always working to ensure that we offer you the best products, this is why our online inventory is constantly growing to encompass every modern furniture piece you could possibly need. 1stopbedrooms.com is dedicated to helping you complete the mental picture you have for your space using the perfect products at the right price. When you combine our extensive selection and superior customer service with the convenience of online shopping, you realize that we have now made it easier than ever before to find exactly what you want for your home at a price you can afford. We have the experience Our history began in the heart of NYC’s Chelsea District, a place renowned for its involvement in the furniture trade boom of the 80’s and there our headquarters still remains. We have been in the furniture business for over two decades, providing quality service for manufacturer’s as well as discerning customers. This time in the industry has allowed us to forge business relationships that allow us to provide substantial savings to our customers. So, you end up paying wholesale prices since we offer our rates to other furniture stores. By cutting out the middleman, we can give you access to a large collection of perfect furniture for the best prices for your home. Recognizing the need for instant customer satisfaction in this growing global economy, we have since expanded nationwide, setting up warehouses in every state, we have also have partners all across the country. All of this infrastructure allows us to swiftly deliver your unique furniture purchases to you, no matter where you live. What makes us different? Our primary goal at 1stopbedrooms is ensuring you have the best experience possible from your first visit and purchase through installation and beyond. Our furniture consultants are always available to help you focus on finding the right furniture by understanding your needs. The best part is that we offer free delivery on all orders to ensure a simple and effective process. We also offer a specialized Design Expert Concierge service. This interior design concierge service helps you curate the perfect home using the best furniture pieces possible. These talented designers will work with your specific needs to find you the products you are looking for. They will also work to make sure that all new products achieve perfect integration with what you already have available. We are very confident of our furniture collection and every piece of furniture purchased through us comes with a free 1-year warranty, you also have the option of an extended warranty. To ensure that you have first pick on items that you really want, we have set up an exclusive “new product alert” system from product manufacturers. This means that as soon as a furniture piece you need pops up we hear of it first. This way you are always getting the newest product available Easy, stress-free shopping Shopping via our online platform is easy, stress-free and a truly great experience. For easy payment, we accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Google Checkout, and Checks. We also charge no sales tax for residents outside of New York. That’s, even more savings for you!

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I ordered my sectional on Jan 11 and received delivery on March 18. That is completely not acceptable. When I tried on several occasions to get a status after the original delivery date the customer service representatives gave miss information. After several attempts to reach a manager the white glove service lost a piece of the sectional. Four weeks later the sectional has been delivered with a damaged piece. This has been the worse purchase experience and I would not recommend this company to anyone... I should receive some compensation for my inconvenience.
There is absolutely ZERO satisfaction in dealing with this company. I made a simple purchase. They have charged me an extra 20% on top of my original price TWO DAYS after I made my purchase. They won't respond back to me. They won't call me back. I have requested several call-backs. They tell me that in order to get a refund, they have to charge me fifty dollars. That's right. To receive nothing from them, they have to charge me fifty dollars. Half of a hundred. Seriously. Do not use this website or any of their services.
The worst buying experience we have ever had. 5 1/2 months and still no dining table, no delivery date, no COI, nothing. Additionally, I just found the table listed under a different name for $1K less at other retailers (Cymax, Amazon, Houzz) with free shipping to NYC!! We feel robbed. Your delivery service, Alpha & Omega, who is rated a C- on BBB, is also unresponsive and unreliable. ***
Deserves 0 stars. DO NOT PURCHASE from this company. BAD NEWS in every possible aspect. Long story is below.

Here's the warning on the Better Business Bureau. I should have checked before purchase but google review were good. Not sure how that's possible.

I purchased a bedroom set online on 10-18-19.

After 1 week my order had not processed so I called back. They said they needed to confirm my shipping address so they could add tax. This cost an additional $*** . They did not contact me but rather i had to contact them.

2 weeks later my order still had not processed. Again, they did not contact me so I had to call in and wait on the phone for an hour. This time they said my address was considered remote and free shipping is now going to be $*** but they were going to do me a favor and charge me $*** . I told them I would file a complaint and they then offered me $*** . I reluctantly agreed. I asked them if this would delay my order which should have been 4-6 weeks and they said it would not. Their email said delivery should be Nov 21st to Nov 28th.

Two weeks later I still had not received my ordered and it still was not marked as shipped. I again called back waiting on the phone for yet another hour and they said the order was in route to the delivery company and I would be contacted within the next week.

On Dec.11 2019 I called back and they said it was delivered to the shipping company and I would be contacted within the next few days.

On Dec. 19th the delivery company called me and said they would be there the following day between 4pm and 6pm. I told them I was having my first child on the 20th and if we could do any other day. They then told me that if I didn't get it that day it would at least two weeks before they could deliver it again and I would have to wait until after the New Year. I told them I had already waited 8 weeks and I couldn't wait another 2 weeks as I wanted the bedroom setup before the baby came. I told them I would be home for delivery at 4pm.

On Dec 20th I left the hospital and drove 30 minutes home to receive delivery. At 6PM no one had called or showed up so I called the number back from the previous day and left a voicemail. No one ever contacted me about the missed delivery. I then had to make the 1 hour round trip drive to the hospital.

On Dec. 21st I called back steaming mad and they said it was a mechanical issue. I asked why no one called me and I did get answer. They offered me $*** for the inconvenience and I told them that didn't even cover my gas much less the fact that I left my newborn and my wife (whom had a c-section) at the hospital for a 4 week late delivery and no one called or showed up. They did not care.

Finally on Dec. 31st they delivered my furniture. They only gave me 5 minutes notice. Now I was dealing with a newborn and a wife that could barely walk. Shortly after delivery I noticed one of my nightstands was damaged during the move or setup. They were closed on Jan 1 so I sent support an email on Jan. 2nd including a picture of the damage

On Jan 7th I still had no reply from their support so, yet again, I called back and waited on the phone. They said they had received my complaint but did not contact me. I confirmed they had everything they needed.

Its now Feb. 4th and I still have not heard from them. My nightstand has not been replaced or refunded.

I went 10 weeks using a cardboard box as my nightstand and had no dressers or storage in the house as I had just moved in when I made the order.

I currently have an open BBB complaint. We'll see how that goes.
1StopBedrooms must have multiple lawsuits coming their direction. After all the mess I’ve been through (ordering $2k+ worth of bedroom furniture, not ever getting said furniture, filing a claim with my bank Regions and PayPal and still getting no relief from the people that are suppose to protect your money, then when claim is closed and they tell me “go deal with the company directly, we can’t help you”) - you know there’s a big issue with this company if not even your bank can get the money back for you.

Was told weeks back that I would receive a refund of less than half my purchase price (upward of $*** - close to *** ) for “restocking fees and shipping fees to be taken out of my order amount” -

Today after letting customer service, Joan, know that I’m going to file a small claims court on them- I get a refund of $*** through PayPal.

The devil is very hard at work in some of the people doing business out here. Watch what you try to buy and always READ REVIEWS OUTSIDE THE COMPANY WEBSITE ( because those are all made up BS 5 starts fake reviews).
I ordered 2 bed sets from 1stopnedroom on the 26th of this month. When I checked out there was no tax.

So I just received an emails and txt message from them saying I have to call them to confirm address and billing.

So I called them, the representative, he told me there are 2 issues:

1. No supportive for the bed
2. Tax

So 1. Both bed sets I didn’t buy the mattress that come with it, so now both bed sets come in only with the headboard. 2 sides and the end board, no supportive for the mattress.

So I have to pay $*** for each supportive for the mattress for each bed, which turns out to be $*** .

I said no that’s ridiculous. I said I will call back. Then he said let he check to see what he can do, then he came back and said he was able to give me the discount only $*** for each supportive.

Now 2. with the tax. He said they starting to charge tax 8 months and bcuz they couldn’t located our address so they couldn’t charge for tax. That’s y they asked me to them to to confirm the address. With our zip code the tax turns out to be $***

So they are charging us extra $*** for the supportive and tax.

I just called them back and talked to another rep about the supportive. He told me the supportive is only $*** each not $*** .
I told him so the other guy lied to me, the. He said oh because you’re the first time customer that’s the it was $*** each.

This is ridiculous.
Terrible customer service even worse communication. I ordered and after waiting a month I call and get no where. Then I get a text saying 2 items are on backorder. I had to call them 6 times previously just to get order straight. Grrrr Nov 2019
UPDATE: Still dealing with this unreliable company. Still have not received the furniture I ordered. The latest claim is delivery in Jan. 2020. Grrr. Their "free delivery" is far from free. They tell you that you live in a "remote area" this company is ridiculous
Not buying from this company ever again! I’m trying to work with them on exchanging my sofa, even if I have to upgrade. They are not willing to work with me. Stay away from this company. Buy somewhere else. Save your money. Bought an $*** worth of sofa. They are charging me $*** for return and only refunding me $***??? I would like to upgrade to a more expensive one just work with me here but nope! They did not. I thought I’ll be saving money by buying through them but I was wrong. I don’t have a sofa for almost two weeks now. I get *** treatments and was hoping I will have a sofa that I will be comfortable. I am so frustrated and disappointed!
Fantastic, fast and efficient service. The best part is that everything came assembled. Description of item was spot on. The website very easy to navigate. Would highly recommend shopping at 1stopbedrooms.com
Excellent customer service patient efficient courteous professional and knowledgeable


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