Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Gold Seal of Approval!

About 1stopbedrooms 1stopbedrooms.com is your online shopping partner that offers you everything home. We are dedicated to finding you the perfect furniture piece at the lowest rates, with one of the world's largest online selections of furniture, home furnishings, décor, and goods, all of which are available online. From experience, we have found out that working directly with the manufacturers of all of our products is a win-win in the long run. This way we are able to cut unnecessary costs to get you the best prices and also provide you with a wide selection of unique furniture pieces that are sure to wow all who visit. When we say that you have a wide selection to choose from, we mean it. Our catalog boasts of thousands and thousands of unique furniture pieces from over 70 well-known manufacturers. We are always working to ensure that we offer you the best products, this is why our online inventory is constantly growing to encompass every modern furniture piece you could possibly need. 1stopbedrooms.com is dedicated to helping you complete the mental picture you have for your space using the perfect products at the right price. When you combine our extensive selection and superior customer service with the convenience of online shopping, you realize that we have now made it easier than ever before to find exactly what you want for your home at a price you can afford. We have the experience Our history began in the heart of NYC’s Chelsea District, a place renowned for its involvement in the furniture trade boom of the 80’s and there our headquarters still remains. We have been in the furniture business for over two decades, providing quality service for manufacturer’s as well as discerning customers. This time in the industry has allowed us to forge business relationships that allow us to provide substantial savings to our customers. So, you end up paying wholesale prices since we offer our rates to other furniture stores. By cutting out the middleman, we can give you access to a large collection of perfect furniture for the best prices for your home. Recognizing the need for instant customer satisfaction in this growing global economy, we have since expanded nationwide, setting up warehouses in every state, we have also have partners all across the country. All of this infrastructure allows us to swiftly deliver your unique furniture purchases to you, no matter where you live. What makes us different? Our primary goal at 1stopbedrooms is ensuring you have the best experience possible from your first visit and purchase through installation and beyond. Our furniture consultants are always available to help you focus on finding the right furniture by understanding your needs. The best part is that we offer free delivery on all orders to ensure a simple and effective process. We also offer a specialized Design Expert Concierge service. This interior design concierge service helps you curate the perfect home using the best furniture pieces possible. These talented designers will work with your specific needs to find you the products you are looking for. They will also work to make sure that all new products achieve perfect integration with what you already have available. We are very confident of our furniture collection and every piece of furniture purchased through us comes with a free 1-year warranty, you also have the option of an extended warranty. To ensure that you have first pick on items that you really want, we have set up an exclusive “new product alert” system from product manufacturers. This means that as soon as a furniture piece you need pops up we hear of it first. This way you are always getting the newest product available Easy, stress-free shopping Shopping via our online platform is easy, stress-free and a truly great experience. For easy payment, we accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Google Checkout, and Checks. We also charge no sales tax for residents outside of New York. That’s, even more savings for you!

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Please report to the Better Business Bureau, this company shouldn't be able to have the opportunity to give bad service, better yet no service to another person. The customer care is horrible. And, they are dishonest on when you will receive what you pay for, and shouldn't be allowed to take people's money until their items actually ship. They cannot be trusted. Never received my items, got the run around and they do not have any managers to speak with. You are speaking to incompetent people who could care less about your incovenience.
Terrible customer service and communications. Internal tracking systems couldn't tell me where my order was months after ordering and calling into their help lines. I eventually cancelled the order since no one could tell me if or when I would get my order. After cancellation, they came back with high restocking fees. I have been dealing with the BBB and 1stop for months trying to get a refund on an order I never received. I am now working with an attorney to get a resolution. Stay away from this company.
Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with this company. I ordered a bedroom set. When my delivery came, the bed was not there. They never reached out to me to let me know what was going on or when the bed would be delivered. When I called, they said the bed had the wrong parts but they hadn't ordered the correct parts. When I told them I was thinking about cancelling my order, they said I would be charged a delivery and cancellation fee for their errors and issues.
Don’t buy I canceled my order and they wanted a 400 cancel fee for a 700 dollar couch I’ve been waiting over 5 weeks and still don’t have a couch
Worst buying experience EVER. Do not buy from these guys AT ALL. You get what you pay for and I paid a pretty penny to have products that in two months never came. Asked for a refund and they wanted to take $*** for restocking (interesting since they weren't in stock - supposedly). They do not return phone calls and when they do they say they would have someone call back (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS).

Then I never receive my other products and my refund. I disputed with my bank and was told there are tons of complaints with them already.

I turned them into the BBB and FTC, because I feel they are fraudulent and horrible business people. I've never done that, so that will tell you how truly horrible that they are. Called or emailed at least 30x in total in two months. BEWARE. DO NOT BUY.
3 months ago spoke with Customer service work from home in NY . Paid over $*** + $*** white glove service warranty. Extended. 2 weeks ago after 20 covid late emails, we were notified from the Houston hub order had arrived. Delivery between 11-3 pm next day. Nothing . The next morning at 9:45 revived call from the hub saving our curio cabinet was broken in pieces. They would get in touch with 1stop furniture to find out about replacement. No calls back. One week later called and the same girl, I have her name and all information and forms with credit card receipts for attorney, , she said they would email and get back with me same say. That was 3 days ag. We’re driving over to prove it’s tgere and take pictures for litigation. They do not answer any phones. If you do get lucky on automated ring, you will he told if you don’t want to wait in long hold push 1 and leave number. Sometimes the one doesn’t work. I’ve left number 2 different times. No one calls back apparently all their 5 star and reviews are done by the company, because they are NOT true. Out of over 20 emails, you will revive the regular it’s going to take tome due to Covid. They will get back. They do not. Now my generic emails are asking how my service is on an over $*** product that we’ve never seen. Also the two times I pushed a button to place order, they hang up. DO NOT GO NEAR THIS COMPANY
Check BBB, find out all you need to know
It has been a nightmare dealing with this company. I would give it a zero if I could like many other people have said. They were as nice and helpful as could possibly be before I ordered and even found the item in their warehouse when everyone else was out of stock . After waiting a long time to hear any news about my item I checked my account only to find that it had been backordered. No one called or email to let me know. It took several days to get a human on the phone. I agreed to wait two months for my back ordered item. Then I checked again weeks later and found that it was back ordered 7 months. Again no phone call or email about the back ordered status. It took an entire week to get a human to email or call me back. I told them I wanted to cancel and they argued with me. Then after a couple more days of trying to get someone to cancel this I got a phone call from a negotiator who refused to cancel the item. He was arguing with me saying that I agreed and they couldn't cancel it. He told me he has screenshots of my agreement. After 20 or 30 minutes of this type of argument I finally hung up. The next day I got an email from him saying that he would cancel my order if I sent a screenshot of my driver's license and it would cost $***.
DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! I never write reviews but I'm hoping to save others who are considering buying from this company from the huge headache that will soon follow. I should have listened the the other reviewers about this company (not the ones that show up on 1 Stop Bedrooms website but from impartial sites) but I wasn't finding this sectional anywhere else for this price. Just as other reviewers have said, this company puts your order on hold until you call them back so they can tell you they need to charge you additional money for delivery because you're out of their delivery range which is confusing/misleading because they advertise on their site "Free Shipping! Will ship free via UPS/FedEx to the entire continental United States. No exceptions!" but two paragraphs later says you may be a remote/rural location and may be charged a surcharge. After calling back and agreeing to the additional charges, a week later they send a notice (on my account page, however, not by contacting me so if I wouldn't have logged in to check on the status, I could have been waiting even longer than I already have) that the item is not available. Told them to cancel the order and refund my money. Days later I receive an email asking if I would like to choose something else that they have available. I AGAIN asked for my money to be refunded. It's been 3 days since they've "re-asked" me if I'd like to cancel and they say it takes 5-7 business days for a refund. Spoke to customer service today and the lady I spoke with was very rude to me. Hope I get my money back so I can buy through a reputable company and never have to deal with 1 Stop Bedrooms again! Stick with companies such as *** who know how to operate a business and have at least decent, if not great, customer service.
I ordered from this company 4 chairs - they delivered 2 chairs - 1 was broken- I tried to call this company to get the issue resolved multiple times--- thier response was to send me legs and no chair as "a replacement" and still no idea of if and or when my other 2 chairs would arrive. Customer service refuses to tak or respond to me now becuase i filed with BBB, paypal and now FTC because of their fradulent actions of stealing my money, not returning it, and sending me faulty product when, if they choose to. theyve also sent me threaghtening emails, saying they would not give me the rest of my order until i dropped these case ive opened against them. last week i recieved 2 more chairs (that i ordered in april) still no replacement chairs... ans i sent them several emails asking them to cancel my order. they refused. they also said they wouldnt give me a refund unless i returned the broken chairs they sent me, at my own cost. I need help with this terrible company. im not the first person theyve taken advantage of and im sure i wont be the last if nothing is done to stop them and protect the consumers. thats why im seeking your help. please dont let them take another hard working persons money away from them again, like they did with me.thanks
Six weeks now and not even a God Damn word. I've called the damn automated phone system, requesting call backs and getting NONE!!!! ... I've opened up multiple "Message Us" requests trying to get a status AND GOT NOTHING!!! The only thing I got was a "How was our service" without ANY information on my order!!! ABSOLUTELY ZERO COMMUNICATION after six weeks??? .... I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS OR RECOMMEND ANYONE DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I can't even get a hold of anyone to even get my money back.


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