Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Standard Seal of Approval!

At Hatchbag.us, providing top-quality custom car trunk liners and accessories for a diverse range of vehicle models is our main priority. We understand that our customers value quality products to ensure their vehicles maintain impeccable cleanliness while protecting against everyday wear and tear from transporting items in the trunk space. To achieve this level of customer satisfaction, we're committed to prioritizing exceptional service alongside premier product offerings. Part of ensuring impeccable service involves acknowledging the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to client feedback about their experiences with Hatchbag.us. In an effort to enhance genuine communication between existing clients and potential new customers, we decided to engage eKomi - The Independent Ratings & Reviews Provider as our trusted partner in gathering authentic, independent third-party validated reviews for Hatchbag.us. Through collaborating with eKomi's renowned expertise on securely obtaining verified consumer reviews, we aim at building a reliable platform highlighting real user experiences based on firsthand knowledge of our superb trunk liners and impressive customer assistance initiatives. By constantly utilizing credible information obtained via these unbiased testimonials procured by eKomi's services, we aspire not only to improve upon any areas requiring enhancements but also reaffirming the positive aspects that make us stand out within the industry – taking pride in fostering strong relationships backed by qualitative results resonating throughout various online domains sharing related content or topics surrounding anything relevant directly pertaining specifically concerning how well those objectives have been met accordingly hitherto thus far! We kindly encourage all valued Hatchbag.us clientele both past-enthusiasts currently enjoying everything gained from embracing brilliant investments spanning through numerous years benefiting greatly owing largely due mostly thanks hugely owed primarily because relying solely dependent chiefly regarding embracing stellar sales transactions involving high-end sophisticated elegant sleek upscale superior niche avant-garde progressive hatchback storage solutions coupled together seamlessly incorporating integrative functional advancements embodying innovative yet practical easy-to-use intuitive versatile durable dependable components designed crafted catered tailored made align-fit-serve-exceed distinct preferences individual tastes unique lifestyle habits diverse requirements specific needs fulfil expectations, and future customers seeking reliable trustworthy genuine authentic incredible resourceful helpful informative candid real honest unadulterated out-of-the-box unconventional non-mainstream extraordinary recommendations suggestions advice guidance opinions viewpoints assessments evaluations ratings today!

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William F.
The Velcro tape is adhesive and does not stick to the plastic surfaces well l enough to keep the cargo liner in place. The way the liner velcro strings are used to attach the back of the liner to the headrest is not sufficient or durable enough to hold the liner in place. This product needs to be better designed to fit more precisely with the counters of the cargo area. It's close! but still needs more improvement. I received the product on 5/31/24 and didn't get around to trying to install it until 6/9/2024. Your return policy is only 14 days, so now I'm in a time crunch to get the thing in the mail or I just wasted over $250.00 bucks. I am returning the product first thing Monday morning on 6/10/24. Please call me at ***-8811. ***
Rebecca K.
I love the hatch cover. My only complaint is that it fails to cover the complete interior of the hatch. There are two flaps just behind the back of the front seats that come up the side of the car a little ways, but don’t secure to anything. Other than that, I’m happy and impressed.
jud s.
Ordered one in 1998 for a GMC YUKON. Three dogs later was the best cargo liner ever. Own a Jeep Wrangler now and enter another puppy. Attention to detail, quality of material and ease of installation and removal …. Tough to beat.
Gaston F.
Customer service was excellent - they helped me find a US vendor for the AutoGlym Tar Remover. Product seems durable and was relatively easy to install. I was happy to find this product and I wish I had purchased it sooner.
Two relatively minor issues: packaging wasn't very durable and arrived ripped from the trip across the Atlantic. Would have expected better packaging for the cost of this product.
The other issue was that the mesh section to cover the speaker is a little off relative to the speaker.
Gretchen R.
Outstanding product.! Very well made. Good quality materials. Fits perfectly. Highly recommend! Easy to install.
christopher w.
Amazing product. I have it for my big yellow lab in the back of our Tesla Y.
Kris W.
For a custom tailored product, turnaround was incredibly fast. Great communication on shipping timeline and shipping notification. I'm really impressed with the quality and fit of the product as well. The only product improvement I could see is on the velcro straps that go around the rear seat headrests. These wrap around and secure on the visible side of the liner. It would be nice if the excess velcro was concealed behind the liner instead The way the velcro straps are stitched on the top edge of liner also causes the edge to roll if you apply tension. That said, this is still a fantastic product and great buying experience.
Gabriel Y.
The material is quality and the fit is pretty specific to the different features of my vehicle. The creases from the fabric being folded in shipping or stored long term showed more stress then I would of like for the price. The notches cut for the locking mechanism when the seat is folded are off by a few inches which made for a bunched up fit in that area. Quality product and custom fit but not perfect.
Robert F.
It fits great in my car. Good product!
Derek L.
I love this product. I got it for my BMW i3 and it fits perfect. I have had to change it to another i3 with another install kit and both times it was easy and secure. I have the dog bed with bumper flap for my dogs area. When he is in the back I roll up the bumper flap and it stays put. When he is not in the back I just fold the bumper cover back and it protects anything from getting in the dog beg or vice versa. Easy to find one or both if the seats down, it just works and fits like it was made for the car.


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