Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

AIG Direct
AIG Direct
As a leading global insurance provider since 1995, AIG Direct is committed to helping clients find reliable and affordable term life insurance protection for their families. With millions relying on AIG companies worldwide, they understand the importance of offering personalized coverage to suit their clients' budgets and needs. To ensure an unparalleled customer experience, AIG Direct works directly with each client over the phone – providing them with valuable and in-depth information about various term life insurance plans. Recognizing the significance of genuine customer satisfaction, AIG Direct partnered with eKomi - an independent ratings and reviews provider who validates real-life testimonials from satisfied customers. This collaboration allows potential clientele to make informed decisions based on verified experiences of fellow customers who trust AIG Direct's exceptional services. As part of its ongoing commitment towards transparency and accountability in today's digital world, this partnership also enables prospective policyholders to gain invaluable insight into what it is like partnering with such a reputable institution as AIG Direct. As we work together towards further enhancing our quality offerings while maintaining unmatched service excellence at all times, we encourage current customers of AIG Direct not only to explore eKomi’s authenticated review platform but also share their own unique experiences through leaving honest feedback that fosters long-lasting trust between future consumers and industry leaders such as ourselves – reaffirming our position at the forefront of innovation within this ever-evolving sector globally; ultimately ensuring everyone enjoys lasting peace-of-mind when safeguarding themselves against unforeseen circumstances or events by trusting none other than '''AIG''' ''Direct''.

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The agent was helpful and friendly. Smooth process.
The staff was great and the process was seamless.
Process took way longer than it should. Person who came out to take samples apparently missed one and then had to come back out which caused a massive time delay.
Everyone was very helpful during the process of me obtaining life insurance.
The process was too long. Also AIG sent so much duplicate correspondence....it's a waste of paper. I am still getting letters to pay a premium for a policy I no longer have.
Very helpful explaining things to me and helping me understand things
*** was very professional and recommended the right options and source for our life insurance needs.
Though the premium was decent. The process was soo long. In home exam was a nightmare. In took *** long to hear back about my policy being active, I had forgot about it. Whereas other places give you a policy same day
The process for getting term insurance was simple...easy...low stress process...Thankfull to *** for his help.
My agent, *** was excellent. She was helpful, knowledgeable, responsive, and very service oriented.
I was, however, concerned that some internal communications seemed to sidestep her—and confuse and/or upset me. E.g. after receiving the welcome news from *** that my policy had been approved at premier rate, I later received a letter from *** that my application was denied!
Also, *** and I discussed insurance options and I decided on $***. She said she would enter that as the amount but instead it came out as $*** and had to be reissued. Throughout the process I had been hearing from *** whom she said was a colleague but she was unaware that he was contacting me too, which was a little confusing.
So, while I’m very pleased with the policy and my interactions with ***, there were hiccups along the way that made me feel internal communications need attention.


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