Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

jrailpass.com, an esteemed provider of Japan Rail Passes for international travelers visiting this beautiful country, is committed to facilitating seamless and unforgettable journeys across Japan's vast railway network. Offering exceptional convenience and affordability, their wide range of pass options cater to the diversified needs of tourists while fostering stress-free travel experiences. Acknowledging that exceptional customer service plays a pivotal role in ensuring satisfaction at every stage - from planning and purchasing passes to comfortably exploring renowned destinations – jrailpass.com aspired to maintain transparency by enlisting eKomi: The Independent Ratings & Reviews Provider. Embarking on a partnership with eKomi has empowered jrailpass.com in acquiring genuine, independently validated feedback through user-friendly processes accessible to all. These unbiased reviews continually reinforce the company’s commitment towards relentless improvements tailored specifically around their valued customers’ perspectives. By incorporating insightful testimonies expressing various aspects of personal experiences regarding product quality or support-related queries, prospective clients can now effortlessly make informed decisions corresponding directly to their unique preferences. Having taken this progressive step toward optimizing operations and forging stronger ties with patrons worldwide, we encourage you – the proud users of jrailpass.com–to contribute your thoughts through these invaluable eKomi certified reviews so as not only improve our offerings but also provide essential insights for countless future travelers embarking upon an unparalleled Japanese adventure!

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the attitude of JR Personnel: Excellent
Very good experience
Very easy to use and helps save a lot of money when traveling all over the country by train.
Maybe it would be easier to do reservations and seat selection online.
Excellent service, the best way to get to know Japan. At first it is a little complicated because of the transfers and the platforms but after a day you understand how it works and it is fast and agile.

Thank you.
The Japan Rail was an absolute life saver. It saved us so much money during my holiday, and was so easy and convenient to use. Whenever we needed to book tickets on the Shinkansen, the people in the ticket office were all super helpful, with one lady even showing us how to use the ticketing machines, so we could book further tickets ourselves. I highly recommend this ticket to anyone who is going to travel to Japan. It helps out the traveller immensely!
I didnt find in the page wich trains were incluided in JR pass, we had to ask in the train or in the bus: would yo accept JR? Or this Is incluide in JR?
This theme sometimes was frustratin but out of this excelent service
Although an investment, it was worth the money for us because we used it all over Tokyo and in Kyoto as well. We could've used it on Hokkaido but didn't because we were staying the whole week at a ski resort. Excellent way to get to and from our hotel (Tokyo Station) from the airport. No need for first class - ordinary cars are clean and comfortable. One thing that would be helpful is if JR made it clear which types of transportation the rail pass is good for. We had also loaded Passmo onto our phones, which helped a lot with buses and subways. I'd recommend having both - if the JR doesn't work, the Passmo probably will!
El envío fue rapidísimo, en solo 2 días tuve la orden de cambio y al llegar a japón solo tuve que mostrarlo y ¡me dieron hasta las reservas de los trenes que debía tomar! Por comodidad el jrpass es una maravilla ❤️
The rail pass made it easier to get around. Ordering, activating and using the pass was smooth and efficient. I would buy it again!


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