Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!


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Order arrived quickly and with no problems. The voucher-to-pass conversion process looked strange on paper, but was very easy to perform in person. One thing I would note is that the transition from icoca to JR pass felt clunky for us as we had grown accustomed to sailing through any access gate with a quick swipe of the card. Finding and navigating the in-person JR pass inspection points was slightly more difficult. I'd recommend the pass to anyone thinking of taking a shinkansen round-trip while in Japan.
I was able to take full advantage of the JR pass and I am so glad I got it. It came in handy.
V helpful customer service, the lads itself was immensely useful def paid for itself and great use even in cities! Thanks!!
Being my first time in Japan I was not know the train system at all so it was some learning to do. Once it was figured out it was great. Never had to wait to reserve seats. With all the rail travel we definitely save a lot of money.
just regarding mount fuji, it wasn't clear that part of the traject to get to Kawaguchiko wasn't included in the Japan Rail Pass
Definitely the best option for moving around in Japan.
The unit worked well. It seemed like I always had good cell reception with great throughput. The particular unit I had did not hold a charge for an entire day. I always carried the battery pack and would plug in the unit in the afternoon to avoid low battery.
I love the Rail Pass. Will get every time I visit Japan, though Im really hoping to just move permanently next time.
I think the service is wonderful. So efficient. The trains are clean. Brilliant
Best part about JRP is how easy everything is. From order to the exchange part and very easy to use. Worth the money because bullet trains are super expensive but reliable .


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