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Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!


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We lost one of our passes and had to buy a new one. The Pass should be able to be added to the wallet on your phone like a transit pass. Our other pass got wet and stuck in the machine.

Overall the JR Pass saved us time and allowed us to get around Japan. I recommend it to anyone traveling to Japan who plans on visiting several cities.

Please allow the ability to add it to our phones though!
Excellent service! When we go back, we will definitely have our vouchers handy :)
Wonderful experience, definitely would recommend this to all who travel to Japan. Absolutely impressive fast service... was sent immediately.
Your ticket agents are so kind and helpful. She offered to reserve seats for us and we wouldn’t have asked otherwise. Would recommend to anyone traveling in Japan. Can’t wait to go back!
Whenever you are traveling around a foreign country, it is very important to feel the safetyness of a service like this. *** gave me that confidence and provided excellent service. Everything was perfect.
This site helped us a lot. It saved us a lot of money when organizing the trip. Easy purchase and quick delivery :)
I have traveled from Sapporo to Miyazaki and iv come to love and understand JR better in that time, however there are two big problems with the jr pass and I also have a suggestion.
The first problems is that you make it very clear the pass is not replaceable or refundable if lost, however what is very must not clear is that a pass can not be reissue until it expires. This lead to the second problem, which is the pass is the same as the tickets that you need for each stop and you must also insert both at the station. This causes more opertunity for the pass to be lost. With something as simple as the clear card hold you get when you buy bust tickets it could help to keep your tickets separated or a phone app the squka cards do. My suggestion would be in my travles I have found that when they print the train ticket receipt in English it had the stop and all the info for the comple trip to my next destination, however the platform was not on there so had to ask all the time. I know the platform changes daily but if there was a way on that on the day or when you know or even attest the platform of the first train. I look forward to visiting your beautiful country again, as soon as I can save up the the extremely expensive plane tickets.
We had a little confusion in which train to take: a local or a regional express or an express to arrive or to get off at the right station. But we had quite a lot of help from the conductors, other passengers, and agents at the exit/entrance. It was a valuable experience, and we treasured it well.
I would highly recommend the JR Pass for any foreigner that travels to Japan. It makes the travel so convenient.

I would make it a bit easier on the website to distinguish between the Green pass and the regular pass. I accidentally bought the regular pass and it was a little disturbing


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