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Not very happy about our JR Pass purchase. We were in Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka) for a total of 18 nights, so we got the 21 day pass. Some of the lines in Tokyo were not JR operated, so we could not use the pass. Same thing happened in Kyoto and Osaka — we had to pay separately for many of the local trains and buses. We used the pass from Osaka back to Tokyo but only realized then that the Nozumi line is not covered either on JR. In total, we spent about $*** CAD on the two passes, and wound up spending an additional $*** CAD on fares. Next time, we won’t be using the pass and will be paying a l carte instead.
The Japan RailPass was great, easy to use and facilitated enormously the travelling around in Japan.
Please inform traveleres when they are purchasing the pass that they will also need the Suica cars for the subways Inn tokyo and other coyotes. This was not clear to me when I purchased the pass. We read it in a guide book. The JR agent in the JR office told us we needed one when we exchanged our passes.

Also, the signature only delivery was difficult to us. We both travel and we’re not home to sign for the delivery. We had to pick up the JR pass documentation at the FedEx office.
Easy to use and worth the cost!! Made our trip easy and hassle free!
simply perfect.
The Japan Rail pass was very helpful, when we arrive at the Narita airport we found the place to collect the passes fast and easy, we booked our seats to Tokyo and we also travaled around Japan easily, we were very happy and enjoyed a lot our stay in Japan, we knew Wonderful places and since we also ordered the WiFi pocket, we could keep in touch with our families and find the correct line to move in the undergrounds, etc. We highly recommend you to order the Japan Rail pass and the WiFi pocket, you won't regret it. ***
The whole experience was great! I am so glad we bought the JRRail pass. It made our travel so easy.
I will definitely recommend it to others.
We were happy with the value for money that the JR Rail Pass offered us. We had no problems in ordering or receiving our pass before we got to Japan. It was great that we were able to reserve seats on the Shinjuken and that we were able to go nearly everywhere using it. We were unable to use it for the Hakone Free Pass which was a little disappointing though.

It was frustrating that when we arrived at the airport late at night and all the ticket offices were closed. We were unable to sort the pass out immediately and therefore we had to pay for travel that night. It would be good if there was a 24 hour desk at the airport for this.

It did take quite a while to process and exchange the JR Pass when we exchanged it the next day and there was lots of paperwork to fill in.

It was quite frustrating that the passes were so big and that they didn't work in the automated machines. This meant that when we were travelling at busy times we were often stuck in a queue.

Thank you, ***

Easy to use - but disappointed it couldn’t be used on ALL lines. Otherwise, great!
Everythin really great


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