Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

LeaseVille & PayLaterStore
LeaseVille & PayLaterStore
LeaseVille.com, a renowned BBB A+ Rated online electronics store, offers an unparalleled lease-to-own experience for its customers. As one of the leading marketplaces to find brand-new and top-selling products in diverse categories like computers, photography equipment, and major appliances, LeaseVille.com is known for their easy credit approval process and flexible payment plans that cater to virtually any budget. Understanding the undeniable importance of customer service and satisfaction in today's digital era, LeaseVille.com decided to engage with eKomi - The Feedback Company; as a strategic move towards collecting genuine ratings and reviews from their valued clientele. At eKomi as an independent third-party provider specializing in validating authentic customer feedback through our tried-and-tested methodologies - we gear up to be the perfect partner for companies like Leaseville.com who are committed to understanding their users’ experiences. As part of our collaboration with LeaseVille.com, we've built an ecosystem where unbiased opinions from actual consumers are guaranteed credibility while also providing transparency that benefits everyone involved: prospective buyers gain insightful information about various products or services before deciding on choosing them whereas business owners receive impartial insights into what truly works well within their organization so they can continue making improvements upon existing offerings accordingly. In conclusion; if you're a satisfied client or just someone browsing across countless options available at this ever-expanding platform - don't forget us! Share your thoughts by leaving a review on LeaseVille.com here at eKomi’s certification page which will have long-lasting positive impacts ranging from boosting trust within potential leads right down increasing overall brand reputation thanks entirely due efforts put forth individuals such yourselves

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Michael M.
A letter sent containing information as to if your item being shipped is in it's entirety. I was confused because only one tracking number was sent,and when I got my package the rest of my order was missing.I contacted Customer service to find out where the rest of my order was and they informed me that it was being shipped from a different place and then provided me a tracking number. All this would have made me feel better if I had known that the order was being split up and had more than one tracking number.Like I said,I was provided only 1 tracking number and had no clue where the rest of the order was.The email said that my whole order was shipped,which was not the case as the second tracking number I got showed it was shipped at a later date..Communication is the key to a successful Business.
Christina L.
Always a pleasure this company has always been helpful and great when it comes to what they have product wise. Definitely if this is the route you have to go then this place is great!
Edwardo C.
I highly recommend because I’ve had no problems with them whatsoever when it comes to payment on my schedule has getting paid every two weeks it perfectly lines up. And very affordability. I’ve already owned three products and plan to purchase more. I do recommend!! and it let you have what you want now and in payments too.
Kevin B.
Heidi C.
Excellent customer service and fast delivery
Jennifer U.
My orders are always on time and I can call and make a different schedule pay date.
Mark K.
good service and fast response. only issue I have is the overall leasing cost. I was in pinch and needed the computer quickly otherwise I would have found a different solution just for the cost alone. may not keep this lease for the full extent.
luis c.
Awesome experience every time.
Tanisha L.
Leaseville was very smooth and fast. I recommend them if you're looking to lease a quality product. I researched the PC online before ordering it and then I made my choice. They even have options for you to pay off early and you'll only end up paying 50% of the lease amount.
Rodney W.
Not sure how things could be improved, every process is transparent no hidden fees. Products come very fast and customer service is top notch! I would very much so recommend this company to others and i have!


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