Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Awarded the eKomi Silver Seal of Approval!

Pikolinos United States
Pikolinos United States
Pikolinos United States, a renowned and elegant brand that caters to footwear enthusiasts, is dedicated to providing its customers with top-quality shoes imbued with comfort and exquisite designs. Specializing in leather craftsmanship, Pikolinos prides itself on offering various collections of authentic shoes that suit each individual's unique lifestyle. Their product range ensures reliable durability for those who demand long-lasting footwear without compromising style or environmental sustainability. To further enhance their commitment towards exceptional customer service and satisfaction, Pikolinos United States has strategically partnered with eKomi - the reputable ratings and reviews provider. By choosing eKomi's independent third-party validated review services, Pikolinos prioritizes the voice of their customers while showcasing complete transparency in feedback collection. This alliance allows prospective buyers to develop trust in the brand through genuine experiences shared by fellow patrons. This collaboration emphasizes how Pikolinos places paramount importance on ensuring a seamless online shopping experience by adequately informing potential clients about their products using unbiased insights from real users. Integrating eKomi’s services advocates credibility within the decision-making process for potential buyers seeking recommendations they can rely upon before making an informed purchase. As proud partners of eKomi, we encourage all esteemed customers of Pikolinos United States to share their honest opinions about product offerings available at https://www.pikolinos.com/us-en/. Your valuable feedback will significantly benefit both future shoppers as well as enable continued improvement in delivering world-class products alongside unparalleled customer care from this distinguished establishment- 'Pikolinus United States.'

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Love this brand! Very worth the price.
Excellent product and very timely delivery. Thank you.
The box showed up completely tore up. I was worried the shoes would have been affected but it was boxed in another box inside.
I wish the feet were wider like older season products.
The products are better in person!
I have several pairs of Pikolinos and love all of them. I like that shipping and returns are free. I wish you would have size 6 - 6.5 because I buy the shoes that have zippers or laces.
I’ve used Pikolinos shoes prior to this purchase and I’ve always enjoyed them.
The old Pikolinos that I purchased along time ago were in my opinion better made and not made in China! The fit was also better. I wear a size 5 and now the 4-5 don't even fit me. They are too big!! I was so disappointed in the booties...they were very cute but run large for a size 4-5. I will probably not purchase from you again. The styles are darling, but you really need to work on the sizing.
A pair of boots I want to purchase are only 10% off for Black Friday. After purchasing three pair of boots in the past month (both full price, one from Nordstroms), I want the fourth pair, but they are still too much money with only 10% discount.
Love your shoes!


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